Episode 008: Generation Z and Changes in Marketing & Advertising with Enthusiast Gaming CEO Adrian Montgomery

On today’s episode of Innovation Tech Talks, Charles Warner sits down with the CEO of Enthusiast Gaming Adrian Montgomery. The pair has an in-depth discussion about how Generation Z is forcing a change in marketing strategies, and how Enthusiast Gaming played a progressive role in marketing the election. 

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Episode 7: Former NFL Running Back Merril Hoge, on the SUPERBOWL and Changes in the NFL

In this episode of Innovation Tech Talks, Merril Hoge, former running back for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears and current NFL Analyst, talks to managing editor Joe Toppe, about some of the advances in technology that have helped progress the game of football. Merril weighs in with his predictions for this year’s Super Bowl, and what he sees coming for the NFL in a post-covid world. 

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Episode 6: The Emerging Backyard Scientist with Celestron Telescope’s Corey Lee

On today’s episode of Innovation Tech Talks, Managing Editor, Joe Toppe, sits down with Corey Lee, the CEO of Celestron Telescopes, the most widely distributed telescope in the world, to discuss how they are bringing science to a backyard near you.

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Episode 5: Virus Hunting with Epidemiologist, Christopher Golden from NatGeo’s “Virus Hunters”

On Today’s NEW Episode of Innovation Tech Talks, Managing Editor, Joe Toppe is going hunting … virus hunting; with epidemiologist and star of the National Geographic series, Virus Hunters, Christopher Golden. Christopher shares some of his thoughts on the current pandemic and where science says GROUND-ZERO could be for the world’s next deadly outbreak.

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Episode 4: The future of CES, 5G & More w/ CTA President & CEO Gary Shapiro

Have you always dreamed of attending CES? On this episode of Innovation & Tech Talks, IPW Editor-in-Chief, Charles Warner sits down with the man in charge of CES, President + CEO of the Consumer Technology Association, Gary Shapiro, to discuss some of the changes coming to CES 2021, an All-Virtual CES. Gary & Charles dig into 5G, and some of the benefits that will be brought fourth with this new technology.

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Episode 3: Crowdsourcing 101 with Crowdsourcing Pioneer Epi Ludvik

Welcome back to Innovation & Tech Talks, on this week’s episode I&TT Editor-in-Chief, Charles Warner, and I&TT Managing Editor, Joe Toppe, interview a pioneer of the technology of crowdsourcing, Epi Ludvik, CEO & Founder of CrowdSourcing Week and Creator of the BOLD Awards. 

On today’s show: learn how you may already be taking part in crowdsourcing activities by major corporations like google, and how crowdsourcing can take advantage of lesser-know individuals to create more innovative solutions to problems. 

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Episode 2: Social Media Breakdown During the Pandemic

In this episode of Innovation Tech Talks, Editor-in-Chief Charles Warner talks with Chris Voss, social media influencer and CEO of the “Chris Voss Show.”
Charles and Chris breakdown what’s going on with social media during this pandemic, as well as what trends to watch, what platforms you should use, and how to manage social media in the time of coronavirus!

Watch the episode! 

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Episode 1: Jon Lovitz Adds a Hollywood Flair to NINJIO’s Cybersecurity Training

In this first episode of Innovation Tech Talks, Editor-in-Chief Charles Warner talks with Zack Schuler, founder and CEO of NINJIO, and Jon Lovitz, storied Hollywood actor and recognizable voice for nearly 30 years.  NINJIO offers a cybersecurity awareness training solution that uses engaging, 3 to 4-minute Hollywood-style micro-learning videos to empower individuals and organizations to become defenders against cyberthreats.

Ninjio teaches organizations, employees, and families cybersecurity keys and how to avoid being hacked, which makes them the first line of defense against today’s increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals.

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